Meet Team Shockwave

Frankie Fontaine

Frankie Fontain is the mastermind behind Fab Inc. His leadership has brought big changes, and he's a guide to the other wrestlers and may one day return to the ring.

Matt Maven

Using his legal background Matt is a behind-the-scenes force to be reckoned with. Don't let his 'pretty-boy' looks fool you - he aims to win and isn't afraid to play dirty!

Adam Hansen

This cowboy can take anything you throw at him. His strong morale fortitude guides him as he does what he thinks is right and gives him the strength to beat anybody.

Vinnie Damoochie

With a foul mouth but the strength to back it up, Vinnie is a force of nature. He ALWAYS shows his opponents why he's called 'Da Bad Guy'!

Ace Diego

Ace started wrestling just a few months ago but his high-flying style is a show stopper. His amazing jumps, leaps, and flips are jaw dropping!

Malcome Dhark

Malcome uses brute force to win in the ring. His raw power coupled with his fanatical base makes him a formidable opponent.

Bubba Duke

Bubba is a good 'ol boy who doesn't take crap from anyone. He's a country brawler who just won't stop until he comes out on top.

TJ Ingram

TJ's style is best described as 'catch-as-catch-can' since he will take advantage of any weakness he sees. Called 'Cheeto' by his fans - but he's no crumb muncher, he is tough!

Olley Primo

This small town skater uses his keen sense of balance to trip up his opponents. He loves to grind his foes into the dirt to show them he's top dog.

Jak Tatum

Jak is quick and agile - and if you think you know what he's going to do next, well you don't know Jak. Full of surprises, he is a powerhouse in the ring.

Reggie Reason

The loyalties of this wrestler are undetermined but his mix of technical and brawling styles makes him a fierce enemy.

JD Cormier

With 2 years of training and many years of experience, JD is the best referee that money can buy. He can swing any match your way if the price is right.