Shockwave Wrestling on ROKU

Mean Marc Ash Pro Wrestling Network will be on Roku for all Shockwave Wrestling Entertainment LLC content, subscribe and join us!

Best Wrestling Group in the Area

With a growing roster and bookings all over eastern North Carolina we are the premier wrestling league in the area. Working out of our New Bern Power Station facility, housed in the Jaycee’s Fairground Complex we offer a massive 12,000 square feet of show and training space. Contact us for bookings or to join our team.

Training Facilities

We offer twice weekly training sessions, on Wednesday evenings and Sunday afternoons. Contact us to start your career as a professional wrestler.

Giving Back to Our Community

Shockwave Wrestling encourages our members to give back to the community. We actively work with the local Jaycee’s during their spring and fall fairs – namely during the exceptional children’s day at the fair event. We’re always looking for new ways to help the community – contact us with your ideas.

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